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Published: 06/11/2013
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A 5 day educational workshop relevant the Application of RS & GIS on irrigation for Iraqi engineers was held in Tehran from 28 OCT till 1 Nov. by collaboration of IRAN-IRPID.
9 engineers from various departments of Ministry of Water Resources and different provinces of Iraq participated in the workshop.
The program included:

·         An introduction to RS & GIS and their application on irrigation,

·         Introducing  ILWIS software,

·         Application of GIS for:

­   Physiographic studies,

­   land use classification and mapping,

­   Biomass and LAI estimation,

­   Soil moisture estimation and mapping.

Several examples of real cases were practiced in the workshop. The workshop concluded with a field visit of Ghazvin irrigation network, and Magsal agricultural complex where field measurement of several parameters for calibration of images were carried out. Participants express their full satisfaction with high quality of the workshop, and wish to have more workshops on other subjects relevant to irrigation. Copyright © 2011 , All rights reserved.
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